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Easter, April 11-12, 2009

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Many people throughout the world believe in reincarnation, the idea that when people die, they are reborn. While some think that people can be reborn as any kind of creature–a flea, a frog, one of those fluffy bunnies that we see on Easter cards and decorations–others say that people just come back as somebody else. For those who might want to gain some knowledge about a past life, there are even professionals who can help them get in touch with those lost memories of when they were perhaps a Civil War soldier or an immigrant seamstress at the turn of the last century.

As Christians, we do not believe in reincarnation, but we do believe in resurrection. The resurrection we celebrate today–the resurrection of Jesus Christ–makes it possible for us be reborn, and we don’t have to die to do it. By the transformative power of Jesus’ resurrection–first available to us in baptism but offered to us throughout our lives–each one of us can become somebody else. We don’t have to be people who are bitter over past offenses, who are judgmental of those they consider wrong, who are selfishly focused on their own comfort, wealth, or position. Instead, we can become people who are willing to forgive, who are understanding and accepting of those who are different, who are attentive to others’ needs. We don’t have to be people who have no interest in religion, who sit back and let others take care of their parish, who doubt the love that God has for them. Instead, we can become people who value their faith, who take an active role in building up their parish community, who see the signs of God’s love that are all around them.

As Jesus rose to live a new life, we can rise to live a new life. If we choose to use it, the power of Jesus’ resurrection can make each one of us somebody else: the person God intends for you and me to be.

By: Rev. Gregory Kimm