22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, September 3, 2017

“I have good news and bad news. What do you want to hear first?”

Unfortunately, no matter how we answer this question, the bad news doesn’t go away. And that’s also true in the life of any one of us: there will always be some bad news, whether we’re talking about war, natural disasters, sickness, death, injustice, rejection, failure, or anything else that can cause us pain or sorrow. All of creation is imperfect, and that includes the human race, damaged by ignorance and sin. Eventually, everyone is affected by that imperfection in creation.

That’s difficult for us to accept. Like Peter in our gospel story, we try desperately to hold on to the fiction that bad things will happen to other people, somewhere else, but nothing bad will happen to people we love—or to us. Like Peter, we say “God forbid” that this or that should happen.

But Peter doesn’t listen very well, and neither do we. Yes, Jesus says that he must “suffer greatly . . . and be killed,” but he also says that he will “be raised.” As people of faith, we can’t stop at the bad news but we must also hear the good news: the good news that tells us that whatever suffering we have to endure in this life, we have a God who saves, a faithful God who loves us enough to ensure that ultimately, what is in store for us is the best of news.

see Matthew 16:21-27

By: Rev. Gregory Kimm

22nd Sun. O.T. (A) Sept. 3, 2017 11 & 5

see Matthew 16:21-27

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